ISSUE 10, July 2004
John Pine: A sociable craftsman
Jumping for Joy: Skydiving for charity
Quarterly Communication: Speeches of: the Grand Master, the Pro Grand Master and, Report of the Board of General Purposes
Supreme Grand Chapter: Address of the First Grand Principal and Report of the Committee of General Purposes
Royal Arch: Cheshire gives a lead
  Walking with the greats: Bath Masonic Hall
Motoring in style: Classic Vehicle Club
Masonic education: A daily advancement and Events for your diary
Travel: Portugal
Library & Museum of Freemasonry
International: A warm welcome in Malta
Masonic ritual: Spoilt for choice
Public relations: Sheffield; Dorset; Chelsea Flower Show; Freemasons' Hall
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Quarterly Communication

Report of the Board of General Purposes

9 June 2004

Ex Officio and Appointed Members:
The Board has recently lost the services of three valuable members: RW Bro the Rt. Hon. the Earl Cadogan, PDepGM (Past President of the Board) and VW Bro N. J. C. Buchanan, PGSwdB, GStwd (Past Grand Treasurer), whose terms as ex officio members ended on 9 March and 28 April respectively; and RW Bro J. T. Broadley, Provincial Grand Master for Yorkshire, West Riding, who retired as an appointed member on 28 April.
     All three Brethren have served on the Board from the time that it took its present form in August 1999 and have therefore played an important role in the development of the Board during the past five years.
     Both the Deputy Grand Master, in December 2003, and the Grand Master, in March of this year, have paid eloquent tribute in Grand Lodge to the outstanding service given by Bro Lord Cadogan, and the Board wishes to add its own thanks not only to him but also to the other two Brethren. The Board is most grateful to all three for the benefit of their wise counsel and Masonic experience.
     The Board welcomes as new ex officio members W Bro. Q. C. T. Humberstone, Grand Treasurer and W Bro. Dr. M. R. Aish, PDepGSwdB, the new President of the Committee of General Purposes of Supreme Grand Chapter.

Election of Officers
The Board has given further consideration to the proposed amendments to Rules 105(a) and 112(a), simplifying the procedure for the election of the Master and Treasurer, and now recommends the addition of a proviso requiring due notice of the intention to use the simplified procedure to be given in the summons for the meeting at which the election is to take place.
The recommendation was approved.

Prestonian Lectures
2003: The contribution of the Provinces to the development of English Freemasonry:
     The Lecturer, W Bro Professor A. Newman has informed the Board that in addition to the three official deliveries to Jubilee Masters Lodge No. 2712 (London); Hamilton Lodge of Installed Masters No. 5454 (Cheshire) and Gild of Holy Trinity Lodge No. 6125 (Cambridgeshire), the Lecture was also delivered on 15 other occasions throughout the Constitution. The Board desires to express its thanks to Bro Professor A. Newman for the considerable time and effort he has spent in this connection.

2004: English Speculative Freemasonry: origins, themes and developments:
     The Prestonian Lecturer for 2004 is W Bro A. T. Stewart. Three official Prestonian Lectures for 2004 have been or will be given under the auspices of: Tudor Lodge No. 1792 (Warwickshire), Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 (London) and Lodge of Light No. 7218 (Sussex).

2005: The Board has submitted a nomination to the Trustees of the Prestonian Fund and they have appointed W Bro G. W. S. Davie PSGD, as Prestonian Lecturer for 2005. Bro Davie states that the title of his Lecture will be Women and Freemasonry.
     Arrangements for the delivery of the Lectures to selected Lodges will be considered by the Board in November and applications are now invited from Lodges. Applications should be made to the Grand Secretary, through Metropolitan, Provincial or District Grand Secretaries.
     The Board desires to emphasise the importance of these, the only Lectures held under the authority of the Grand Lodge. It is, therefore, hoped that applications for the privilege of having one of these official Lectures will be made only by Lodges which are prepared to afford facilities for all Freemasons in their area, as well as their own members, to participate and thus ensure an attendance worthy of the occasion.

The Board has received reports that the following Lodges have resolved to surrender their Warrants:

     (a) King’s College Hospital Lodge No. 2973 and Lanesborough Lodge No. 3029 in order to amalgamate with Æsculapius Lodge No. 2410 (London);
     (b) Connaught Lodge No. 3800 in order to amalgamate with Lodge of Truth No. 521 (Yorkshire, West Riding);
     (c) Penwortham Lodge No. 5874 in order to amalgamate with White Hills Lodge No. 5209 (West Lancashire);
     (d) Noble Brotherhood Lodge No. 6226 in order to amalgamate with Barnato Lodge No. 2265 (London);
     (e) New Elizabethan Lodge No. 7348 in order to amalgamate with Lodge of Enterprise No. 6494 (London);
     (f) Sir Francis Drake Lodge No. 8109 in order to amalgamate with Tower Lodge No. 2583 (West Lancashire).
The Board accordingly recommends that the Lodges be removed from the register in order to effect the respective amalgamations.
The Resolution was approved.

Electronic transmission of Returns
It has come to the notice of the Board that the original paragraph 3.22 “Electronic Transmission of Returns” of the Board’s Report in the Paper of Business for the December 2003 Quarterly Communication, was accidentally omitted from the printed Proceedings of that meeting. The text of the paragraph was as follows:

“Electronic Transmission of Returns: The Lodge and membership information held at Freemasons’ Hall by the Grand Secretary has recently been transferred to a new and more sophisticated electronic database, which when fully developed will be capable of receiving information and returns electronically, initially via Metropolitan, Provincial and District Grand Secretaries. In order that advantage may be taken of this facility the Board recommends that it be given power to authorise, on a permissive basis, the electronic submission of returns and forms. It is envisaged that the process should be introduced gradually, with an initial pilot scheme covering annual returns of Lodges in London and some Provinces, and extended from time to time both in area and scope.”
Notice of motion to amend the Book of Constitutions was approved.