ISSUE 10, July 2004
John Pine: A sociable craftsman
Jumping for Joy: Skydiving for charity
Quarterly Communication: Speeches of: the Grand Master, the Pro Grand Master and, Report of the Board of General Purposes
Supreme Grand Chapter: Address of the First Grand Principal and Report of the Committee of General Purposes
Royal Arch: Cheshire gives a lead
  Walking with the greats: Bath Masonic Hall
Motoring in style: Classic Vehicle Club
Masonic education: A daily advancement and Events for your diary
Travel: Portugal
Library & Museum of Freemasonry
International: A warm welcome in Malta
Masonic ritual: Spoilt for choice
Public relations: Sheffield; Dorset; Chelsea Flower Show; Freemasons' Hall
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Supreme Grand Chapter

Report of the Committee of General Purposes

29 April 2004

Royal Arch Strategic Working Party
The proposals of the Royal Arch Strategic Working Party were explained in outline by the ME Pro First Grand Principal at the Convocation of the Grand Chapter in November 2003, and fuller details were sent to Metropolitan, Provincial and District Grand Scribes E for onward transmission to all Companions in January of this year. The proposed changes, which are set out in detail in the Annex to the paper of business, fall into two categories, the removal of the requirements:

     (a) that the Third Principal (and other Principals) of a Chapter must have been installed as Master of a Lodge, and
     (b) that a Chapter must be sponsored by and remain attached to a Lodge, which require amendments to the Royal Arch regulations; and changes to the general practice (i.e. the ritual) of the Royal Arch, which require the sanction of the Grand Chapter following previous notice of motion.

     A Notice of Motion in two parts gives effect to the proposals detailed in the Annex. The Committee wishes to stress that, as the process of consultation is still continuing and will not be concluded until the summer, the precise content of the Annex will be subject to further changes before the proposals come before the Grand Chapter for debate and final decision at the Convocation in November.

Petitions for new Chapters
The Committee has received the following petitions for new Chapters:

     (a) For a new Chapter to be attached to Lodge Stewart No. 4261, to be called Vane Tempest Chapter of Installed First Principals and to meet at the Masonic Hall, Seaham Harbour (Durham);
     (b) For a new Chapter to be attached to Kinabalu Lodge No. 7047, to be called Kinabalu Chapter and to meet at Kinabalu Masonic Hall, Kota Kinabalu, Saba (Eastern Archipelago).
     The petitions were approved.

Charter of Confirmation
The Committee received a petition for a Charter of Confirmation from the Concordia Chapter No. 5131 (London), the original Charter having been lost.
     The petition was approved.

Bi-Centenary Charter
Prayers were granted from 20 October 2004 to St. Luke’s Chapter No. 225 (Suffolk), praying for a Charter authorising the members to wear the Bi-Centenary Bar on the ribbon of the Centenary Jewel.

The Committee received the following Memorials:

     (a) From Culminatum Chapter, No. 5709 (London) praying that following the closure of Culminatum Lodge it be permitted to be attached to Desaguliers Lodge, No. 8324 (London), and that with the permission of the ME The First Grand Principal it be known as Culminatum Chapter, No. 8324;
     (b) From West Smithfield Chapter, No. 1623 (London) praying that it be detached from West Smithfield Lodge and attached to Justice and Liberty Lodge, No. 5923 (London) and be known as Justice and Liberty Chapter, No. 5923.

The Memorials were approved. The ME The First Grand Principal has acceded to the request of Culminatum Chapter to keep its existing name.

Centenary Charters
Prayers were granted to the following Chapters, praying for Charters authorising the members to wear the Centenary Jewel:

With effect from
Star in the East No. 650 (Essex)
18 December 2004
Fitz Alan No. 1432 (Shropshire)
7 October 2004
Carnarvon No. 1735
29 April 2004

(South Africa, Western Division)
Earl of Lathom No. 1922 (London)
2 June 2004
Cheselden No. 2870 (London)
28 January 2004 (retrospectively)