ISSUE 10, July 2004
John Pine: A sociable craftsman
Jumping for Joy: Skydiving for charity
Quarterly Communication: Speeches of: the Grand Master, the Pro Grand Master and, Report of the Board of General Purposes
Supreme Grand Chapter: Address of the First Grand Principal and Report of the Committee of General Purposes
Royal Arch: Cheshire gives a lead
  Walking with the greats: Bath Masonic Hall
Motoring in style: Classic Vehicle Club
Masonic education: A daily advancement and Events for your diary
Travel: Portugal
Library & Museum of Freemasonry
International: A warm welcome in Malta
Masonic ritual: Spoilt for choice
Public relations: Sheffield; Dorset; Chelsea Flower Show; Freemasons' Hall
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Royal Arch

More Yugoslav brethren are exalted in to the Royal Arch, as Peter Carroll explains
    Cheshire gives a lead

The growing number of Masons from Eastern Europe being exalted in to the Royal Arch has continued apace, with further exaltations being carried out by the Province of Cheshire (see MQ, Issue No. 9).
     In February, seven Brethren from the Regular Grand Lodge ‘Yugoslavia’ were exalted into Eureka Chapter No 4940 in a Joint Convocation also involving Norbury Chapter No.5656 and Meriden Chapter No. 5060.
     For the exaltation the seven Brethren were taken together. The ceremony was divided into three distinct sections, each section being undertaken by Companions from the three Chapters. It was an exercise in logistics, but an excellent example of how Royal Arch ritual can be shared.
     The candidates were all professional people, ranging from a Professor of Pathology, who is also the Provincial Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge ‘Yugoslavia’, to other members from academia, music and new technology. All of them spoke good English and were warm and friendly individuals.
     The Joint Convocation was attended by the Grand Superintendent, Timothy Richards, the second and third Provincial Grand Principals, William Bethell and the Rev. Michael Graham and a Provincial Deputation of 29 officers. Over 150 Companions were in attendance.
     At the Social Board following the meeting, the newly exalted Companions presented to the Province a signed print with Masonic symbolism from Dragan Stojkov, a leading Yugoslavian artist, who is also a Mason. This now occupies a pride of place at Cheshire View Masonic Hall at Christleton, Chester.
     Over the next few years more Brethren from Yugoslavia will be exalted into the Royal Arch in Cheshire, and in due course it is hoped that this will enable a Supreme Grand Chapter to be formed in Yugoslavia under the English Constitution.
     Excellent Companion ‘Ricki’ Brncic, a Royal Arch Mason in Cheshire, is an Honorary Deputy Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge ‘Yugoslavia’ and was instrumental in that Grand Lodge being recognised by UGLE.
     This recent extension of Cheshire into ‘foreign’ parts follows the pattern last year, when two Cheshire Chapters became founders of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Brazil.

Peter Carroll is Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra for Cheshire Royal Arch Province

Close-up of the print with Masonic
symbolism by Yugoslav artist and
Mason, Dragan Stojkov

Cheshire Grand Superintendent Timothy
Richards with the print presented by
Yugoslav Masons