ISSUE 11, October 2004
Elias Ashmole: Masonic Icon
Travel: The magical beauty of Scotland
Honoured: By the Glovers' livery company
The Theatre: Strong links between Craft and stage
Quarterly Communication: Address of the Pro Grand Master and, Report of the Board of General Purposes
Mauritius: Fascinating Masonic history
Rochester Cathedral: Kent Masons' magnificent fresco
Clerkenwell: 25 years of Masonry
  Bravery award: One Mason's heroism is honoured
Christmas shopping: What to buy in London's West End
High flight: Helping terminally ill children
Jewels of the Craft: An essential part of Masonry
Library & Museum: John Pine exhibition and Library & Museum Trust report
Masonic education: Events for Masons; Quatuor Coronati Lodge; Mentors for new Masons
Charities: Masons provide emergency aid for flood victims; Charity news; Demelza gives voice
Letters, Book reviews, Gardening

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International Aid

Masons provide emergency aid for flood victims

Above: In Nepal, an eight-year-old girl is brought to safety by a rescue worker following a landslide at Surumkhim village, Taplejung District, some 360km east of the capital, Khatmandu.

   The President of the Grand Charity, Raymond Lye, has approved payment of an emergency grant of £10.000 to the British Red Cross in response to an emergency appeal for funds to help those affected by flooding in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.
    He has also approved a grant of £5,000 to the Cornwall Masonic Benevolent Fund in response to an emergency appeal for funds following the flooding in Boscastle, Cornwall.
    The Provincial Grand Lodge of Cornwall is organising an appeal to all Freemasons, and the Grand Charity grant will be added to the total sum raised by the Province.
    The South Asia floods, the worst to hit South Asia in more than 17 years, have claimed more than 1,800 lives and affected more than 50 million people.
    The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have launched an appeal for more than £4 million to help at least 1.5 million people with food, shelter, clean water and other essential goods.
    Although the floodwaters are now receding, hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes, crops and livelihoods and many are living in makeshift shelters. With more monsoon rains forecast, and the river systems swollen to dangerously high levels, the situation is expected to deteriorate.
    The money raised by the British Red Cross will directly pay for emergency family kits comprising kitchen equipment, blankets, soap, candles and clothing. The cost of the kits ranges from £8 to £22 and the £10,000 donation from The Grand Charity will buy kits for up to 1,250 families.
    A grant of 5,000 euros has been made to the Gran Logia de España for the victims and survivors of the Madrid train bombing, and £10,000 to the British Red Cross for the Darfur, Sudan emergency appeal.

Left: In Cornwall, a flood victim is winched to safety aboard an RAF Sea King search and rescue helicopter at Boscastle, Cornwall.