ISSUE 14, July 2005

The King and the Craft
Quarterly Communication: Speech of the Grand Master and Speech of the Pro Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes Supreme Grand Chapter: Speech of the Pro First Grand Principle and Report of the Committee of General Purposes Grand Lodge dues: Message from the President of the Board of General Purposes
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Royal Arch Ritual Changes

Following the amendments to the Royal Arch Regulations and the various changes in the ritual approved by the Grand Chapter in November 2004, a letter was sent to the Scribes E of all private Chapters summarising the changes and giving the new password. While most of the ritual changes are optional, the change in the password is both mandatory and intended to be introduced with immediate effect.
    The committee is concerned that Chapters may not have understood that that is the case and accordingly recommends that all Chapters bring the new password into use at once, whether or not the Third Principal-elect is an Installed Master.

Committee of General Purposes

The committee reports with sorrow that it has been deprived of the services of E Comp. Dr. E.W. Hall, Grand Superintendent in and over Buckinghamshire, who died on 21 March 2005. He had served on the committee from the time that it took its present form in 2000, and he and his wise counsel will be sadly missed.

Petitions for New Chapters

The Committee has received the following petitions for new Chapters: To be attached to Lodge of True Friendship No. 160, to be called Chapter of True Friendship No. 160 (Rochford, Essex); to be attached to East Sussex Masters Lodge No. 8449, to be called East Sussex First Principals Chapter No. 8449 (St Leonards, Sussex); to be attached to Oriental Lodge No. 9371, to be called Oriental Chapter No. 9371 (Newcastle, Northumberland).
    The petitions were granted.

Charters of Confirmation

The committee had received petitions for Charters of Confirmation from the following Chapters, the original Charters having been respectively stolen and lost: Parthenon Chapter No. 1826 (Surrey), Bowes Park Chapter No. 3119 (London).
    The petitions were granted.

Centenary Charters

The committee had received Memorials from the following Chapters, praying for Charters authorising the members to wear the Centenary Jewel:

(a) William Russell No. 1314 (West Kent) 15 June 2004 (retrospective)
(b) Old England No. 1790 (Surrey) 26 October 2005
(c) Ridley No. 2260 (Northumberland) 10 April 2004 (retrospective)
(d) Ladysmith No. 2401 (Natal) 15 October 2004 (retrospective)
(e) Downshire No. 2437 (Berkshire) 8 June 2005
(f) Charles Edward Keyser No. 2518 (Herts) 29 October 2005
(g) Temperance No. 2557 (Northumberland) 24 May 2005
    The memorials were approved.


The committee had received a Memorial from Sudbrook Chapter No. 6440 (Surrey) praying that following the closure of Sudbrook Lodge it be attached to Lovekyn Chantry Lodge No. 6807 (Surrey) and be known as the Lovekyn Chantry Chapter No. 6807.
    The memorial was approved.


The committee had received a report that the Woodford Wells Chapter No. 6929 has resolved to surrender its Charter in order to amalgamate with Woodgrange Chapter No. 2409 (London).
    The recommendation that the Chapter be removed from the register was approved.


The committee had received reports on eight Chapters: Orpheus Chapter No. 1706 (London), Old Priory Chapter No. 2594 (Nottinghamshire), Byfield Chapter, No. 2632 (London), St Mark’s and Marcians Chapter No. 2648 (London), Connaught Chapter No. 2981 (Durham), Hand and Heart Chapter No. 4109 (West Lancashire), Jeanne d’Arc Chapter No. 4168 (London) and Deptford Chapter, No. 4847(London).
    The recommendation that the Chapters be erased from the register of Grand Chapter and the Charters cancelled was approved.

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