ISSUE 14, July 2005

The King and the Craft
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High quality residential care at RMBI homes

Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

RMBI Respite Care
As well as providing high quality residential care, did you know that the RMBI Homes are also available for Respite Care? For instance, if you are currently being cared for by a member of your family, Respite Care could be used if the carer needs a break.
    It may be possible for both you and your carer to take the break together. Or you may need to convalesce after a stay in hospital before returning home. You can choose an RMBI Home close to where you live or use it as an opportunity for a break further afield.
    Perhaps you would like to spend some time by the sea or in the peace and quiet of the countryside? You will be given the same high standard of care that our permanent residents receive. A short stay can also be used for anyone who would like to see if they would be comfortable in an RMBI Home. You could come and stay for a short period and use it as a ‘trial’ run.

Rooms Available in RMBI Homes
Since the last issue of MQ we have seen a marked rise in the number of enquiries about availability in RMBI Homes. We still have space available around the country with some Homes having immediate vacancies. For more information, or if you know someone who may be interested, please call 020 7596 2400 or visit our website at or contact your Lodge Almoner.

Fun in the summertime
With all of us looking forward to a long summer this year, it is a busy time for our Homes. There will be all kinds of fêtes, garden parties and other fundraising events, many of them taking advantage of the excellent locations of the Homes. Please keep an eye out for events at your local RMBI Home and take this opportunity to pop along and have some fun supporting the residents.


Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys

New management team appointed
On 8 April 2005, Lieutenant-Colonel John Chambers retired as secretary of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys after almost 12 years of service. His services have been much appreciated by the Council of the Trust. On the retirement of Lt.-Col. Chambers, the management structure of the Trust was revised and the former role of secretary has been split between a chief executive and secretary to the Council.
    The management team now comprises Clive Andrews (chief executive), John Cook, (director of finance and administration) and Les Hutchinson, secretary to the Council. These appointments have been made on an acting basis and are subject to formal confirmation by the Council later in the year.
    Clive Andrews has been employed by the Trust for seven years as the assistant secretary in charge of the Petitions Department, and will continue to operate in that capacity in addition to other functions as required by his new role.
    John Cook a chartered accountant, has also been employed by the Trust for seven years as assistant secretary in charge of finance, and will continue in that capacity with greater administrative responsibilities. Les Hutchinson has been with the Trust for almost 18 years, latterly as planning and development co-ordinator. The secretary to the Council will support the president and the Council.
    The Council of the Trust expect that this small focused management team will enable the Trust to operate more effectively in order to maximise the benefits available to beneficiaries.

Left (top to bottom)
Les Hutchinson, Clive Andrews and John Cook

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