ISSUE 16, January 2006
Historic: Sherlock Holmes incarnate
Travel: In the Footsteps of the Incas
Sport: Batting for England
Grand Lodge: Pro Grand Master's speech and Quarterly Communication
Supreme Grand Chapter: First Grand Principal's speech and Committee of General Purposes
Royal Masonic Girls' School: Stories in windows
Specialist Lodges: Brotherhood of the Angle
    Napoleonic Wars: A Mason's Word
International: Macedonia: New Grand Lodge consecrated and Enthusiasm unbound
Grand Lodge: Development of Freemasons' Hall
Masonic Rebels: Rise and fall
Bristol Museum: A Phoenix from the Ashes
Freemasonry and Religion: United in diversity
Library and Museum: Most glorious of them all
First Aid: Masons learn to shock
Education: The Third Degree and Forthcoming events
Masonic Charities, Letters, Book Reviews, Gardening

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    The Minutes of the Quarterly Communication of 14 September 2005 were confirmed.

Nomination of Grand Master

HRH The Duke of Kent was nominated for re-election as Grand Master for the ensuing year. Anthony Wilson, President of the Board of General Purposes, said: “Paragraphs 19 and 20 of the Board’s Report deal with the electronic communication of summonses.
    The Board is aware that an increasing number of Brethren are finding it convenient to receive summonses by email and believes that nothing should be done to discourage the practice.
    “It therefore recommends that a single, rather than an annual, request to the secretary should be sufficient. It is, however, very apparent that individuals change their email addresses far more often than they move house and I should therefore stress that it is incumbent on any Brother who requests summonses to be sent electronically to inform the secretary of his Lodge of any change in his email address.
    “Paragraph 25 of the Report makes it plain that the exemption of Installed Masters’ Lodges from the payment of Grand Lodge dues and Grand Charity contributions will come into effect only from 1 January 2006 when the increased rates will become payable.
    “I am in complete agreement with the Grand Registrar on the desirability of amending the motion at item 8 of the Paper of Business for the avoidance of doubt as to when it comes into effect, and I shall therefore be seeking leave in a few minutes to incorporate his amendment into my own resolution.
    “The Board is most anxious to encourage the recruitment of young members and I expect to give notice of motion in March to amend the Book of Constitutions to allow for a lower rate of dues and registration fees for Brethren under 25.
    “In the meantime it is the Board’s intention to waive, during 2006, 50% of the annual dues and registration fee payable in respect of a Brother who is under the age of 25 for any part of the Lodge subscription year in respect of which dues will fall to be paid.
    “In the spirit of this proposal, it is the Board’s earnest wish that the saving should be passed on to the members under 25 rather than retained by the treasurer for the general benefit of the Lodge.
    “I should, however, make it plain that relief will extend only to the first Lodge of which such a Brother is a member and he will have to pay the full amount of dues if he chooses to join a second or third Lodge.
    “I should, however, add that the Board also intends to give some consideration to the possibility of mitigating the rate of dues paid by Brethren in respect of second and subsequent Lodges – other than Installed Masters’ Lodges – although it is far too early at this stage to make any commitment to such a change.”

Annual Investiture of Grand Officers (26 April 2006)

So that sufficient accommodation can be reserved for those Brethren who are to be invested and their friends, admission to the Annual Investiture is by ticket only. Brethren to be invested for the first time may invite to be present with them three qualified Brethren and those to be promoted, two qualified Brethren.
    Allowance having been made for such an issue and for those whose presence in the Grand Lodge is essential, a few seats will remain. Written application for these seats may be made to the Grand Secretary between 1 March and 31 March by Brethren qualified to attend the Grand Lodge:
    (a) Past Grand Officers;*
    (b) Masters;
    (c) Wardens (not Past Wardens);
    (d) Past Masters qualified under Rule 9, Book of Constitutions.

Applications should state clearly the name, address and Lodge of the Brother concerned and under which of the four categories mentioned his application is made. If necessary, a ballot for the allocation of seats will be held on 3 April, and tickets will be posted to successful Brethren on approximately 6 April. Brethren who have been unsuccessful will be so informed.
    Possession of a ticket will not, of itself, ensure admission – Brethren who are not Grand Officers will be required to hand their tickets to the Scrutineers before examination by them in accordance with the usual practice at Quarterly Communications.
    Past Grand Officers should sign the Attendance Books in the Past Grand Officers’ Room, and give up their tickets before being admitted to the Grand Temple.
    Grand Officers taking part in the procession will sign in the Grand Officers’ Room.
    *Metropolitan and Provincial Grand Masters, all other Present Grand Officers, including Grand Stewards, Deputy Metropolitan and Provincial Grand Masters, Metropolitan Group Chairmen and Assistant Provincial Grand Masters should not apply in this way as they will be invited specifically by letter about a month before the day of Investiture and asked to indicate on a reply slip whether they intend to be present. Similar arrangements are made for District Grand Masters who are known to intend to be in the UK on 26 April and this can be extended to others, if they write indicating their wish to attend.

Masonic Year Book

The next edition of the Masonic Year Book, 2006–2007 will be available next summer. The charge remains at £10 per copy, plus postage and packing where appropriate, and books may be ordered on forms distributed with the Paper of Business.
    It is proposed to produce a new edition of the Directory of Lodges and Chapters during 2006 at a charge of £10 per copy. Copies of the current edition are still available and may be ordered in the meantime in the same way.
    Every Lodge will receive one copy of the Masonic Year Book and the updated Directory free of charge. The Board emphasises that both copies should be available to all the members of private Lodges and not regarded as for the exclusive use of the secretary to whom, for administrative reasons, they are dispatched.
    Metropolitan and Provincial Lodges: As in previous years copies will be dispatched direct to Secretaries of Lodges. Lodges abroad: Sufficient copies will be dispatched to District Grand Secretaries for distribution to Lodges in the Districts. Lodges abroad not in a District will receive their copies direct.

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