ISSUE 16, January 2006
Historic: Sherlock Holmes incarnate
Travel: In the Footsteps of the Incas
Sport: Batting for England
Grand Lodge: Pro Grand Master's speech and Quarterly Communication
Supreme Grand Chapter: First Grand Principal's speech and Committee of General Purposes
Royal Masonic Girls' School: Stories in windows
Specialist Lodges: Brotherhood of the Angle
    Napoleonic Wars: A Mason's Word
International: Macedonia: New Grand Lodge consecrated and Enthusiasm unbound
Grand Lodge: Development of Freemasons' Hall
Masonic Rebels: Rise and fall
Bristol Museum: A Phoenix from the Ashes
Freemasonry and Religion: United in diversity
Library and Museum: Most glorious of them all
First Aid: Masons learn to shock
Education: The Third Degree and Forthcoming events
Masonic Charities, Letters, Book Reviews, Gardening

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    Canonbury Masonic Research Centre

Diary Dates: Spring-Summer 2006
(Wednesdays: 7pm–9pm. Entry fee £7)

15 February: Masonry, Magic & the Hermetic Tradition: Blavatsky’s Western Sources of the Ancient Wisdom (Professor Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke).
15 March: The Magical Legacy of Dr Thomas Rudd: Angelic & Goetic Magic in 17th Century England (David Rankine).
19 April: The Spiritual Alchemy of the Golden Dawn (Charles “Chic” Cicero).
17 May: The Danish Masonic Order in the 1850s (Erik Westengaard).
21 June: The Tree of Life & the Holy Grail: An introduction to Rudolph Steiner’s Etheric Science (Sylvia Francke).

To reserve a place at the lectures please send a cheque for £7 made payable to Canonbury Masonic Research Centre.

    The Canonbury Papers (Volume 2): Freemasonry in Music & Literature contains ten papers given at CMRC’s fifth international conference, which embraces significant musical and literary, social and cultural themes, revealing the contribution and involvement of Freemasonry.
    Limited edition: £17.50 (+£2.50 p&p UK). Sterling payments only please. Available at Canonbury Tower Bookshop, Central Regalia and The Bookshop, Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ and at
    Enquiries: Carole McGilvery 020 7226 6256. Email: and

The Cornerstone Society

The Society is finalising its programme for 2006. The Summer Conference will be held in London at Freemasons’ Hall with a provisional date of Saturday, 24 June to be confirmed. Leading speakers will be present and the topics will be thought-provoking. In addition, a lecture tour in November 2006 is planned, details to be announced, for Brent Morris, one of the world’s foremost Masonic scholars.
    Brent Morris is editor of the Scottish Rite Journal of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction USA and author of several Masonic titles. This tour will combine with the Northern Conference. A programme of Cornerstone Society lectures for Lodges throughout the year is being put together, for which we have seen considerable demand. Interested Lodges are invited to contact us.
    Trials are in process at the moment of the Lodge Orator scheme in several Provinces in conjunction with Grand Lodge. As the trials progress, details will be published. Please check the website regularly for details of developments.
    For further specific information, please email or write to The Secretary, The Cornerstone Society, ‘Bellfield’, 13 Victoria Road, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, FY8 1LE.

Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076

16 February: Lodge meeting, Freemasons’ Hall, London at 5pm. Talk by VW Bro Jim Daniel on Grand Lodges in British Colonies 1850–1900: Imperial consolidators or Commonwealth seedlings? Members of the Correspondence Circle and members (not below the rank of Master Mason) of Lodges in the Correspondence Circle welcome.

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