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In 2004, the Government launched a much-needed Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme which gives grants to young people identified as high flyers to help with coaching, physiotherapy and use of training facilities. The International Olympic Committee and some other organisations also support young athletes.
    The Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys plays its part as well. Launched in 2000, the Trustís TalentAid scheme has awarded over £1m of grants to assist talented young people. Beneficiaries are not just young sports men and women but musicians, actors and dancers too.
    Means-tested grants are given to cover fees at specialist schools and colleges. Oneoff grants are made for sports coaching, music lessons, the purchase of equipment or instruments, travel costs, and towards the incidental expenses of having a talented child.
    Young people are eligible for grants if their father, stepfather, grandfather or guardian, whether or not they currently live with him, is a subscribing Freemason under the English Constitution, or was in good standing at the time of his death.
    We showcase below three outstanding TalentAid beneficiaries, two sportsmen and a dancer, all of them grandchildren of long-standing members of the Craft.

    Jonathan Blackledge
Jonathanís home is on the Isle of Wight, where his grandfather is a member of Spithead Lodge. Starting his Masonic career in Hertfordshire, his grandfather has belonged to five lodges over his 44-year membership.
    Jonathan is currently reading Geography at Oxford University, where he has seized the opportunity to develop his outstanding skills as a middle and long-distance runner.
    In his very first term he was awarded a Full Blue. In his second, he found himself in America where he won both his races, beating the best athletes from Harvard, Yale and Cornell.
    Jonathanís annual TalentAid grant is used to buy specialist clothing and to help with travelling and training costs. His dream is to represent Great Britain in the 2008 Olympics.

    Tudor Flintham
Tudorís grandfather was another long-serving Freemason Ė in North Wales. Since a very young age Tudor has played football. Before finishing secondary school he had played in amateur competitions worldwide, twice winning the Amateur Football World Cup.
    During a visit to America he was spotted by a talent scout from St Johnís University, Minnesota and they offered Tudor a handsome bursary to join them. With the help of a TalentAid grant, Tudorís dream became a reality, and he joined the university in the Fall of 2002. We are grateful to St Benedict College, St Johnís University for permission to use the photograph of Tudor.

    Briody Hartwell
Briodyís grandfather is a Freemason of over 30 years standing, having joined Spen Vale Lodge in Yorkshire, West Riding in 1974.
    Briody started ballet and tap classes when she was four. Now she has achieved a whole list of exam successes in classical ballet, advanced tap dancing and jazz.
    In September 2005 she started a performing arts course at the worldrenowned Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London. A TalentAid grant has enabled Briody to take the first steps towards what promises to be a glittering career on the stage.

To Brethren on the voters list for the year 2006
To Lodge representatives on the voters list for the year 2006
Notice is hereby given that the


will be held on
Wednesday, 28 June 2006
    Full details of the agenda and nominees for election will appear on our website by 30 May 2006.
    Those eligible to attend the meeting are Grand Patrons and Patrons of the Trust, Vice Patrons of the former Institutions and representatives of Grand Patron and Patron Lodges. If you are in any doubt about your eligibility, please contact the Trust.
    Copies of our Annual Review will also be available after the Annual General Meeting and can be requested on-line at or by telephoning the Trust on 020 7405 2644.

Registered Charity No. 285836.

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