ISSUE 18, July 2006
Archbishop Fisher: A Godly man and a Brother
Travel: The train takes the strain
Quarterly Communication: Annual Investiture speech by the Grand Master and Speech of the Pro Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes
Supreme Grand Chapter: Speech by the First Grand Principal and Report of the Committee of General Purposes Grand Lodge of New York: Speech by the Pro Grand Master
   Specialist Lodges: Keeping their eyes on the ball
Education: Planning ahead for the Chair and Events and New premises for Masonic research
Royal Opera House: A right Royal occasion
Royal opening: Beamish Museum
Digital records: Saving our past for the future
Library & Museum: The hall in the garden
Queen's Birthday: Masons played a prominent part
International: A Mason and the Foreign Legion
Masonic Charities: Grand Charity and NMSF and RMBI and RMTGB
Letters, Book reviews, Gardening

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The Minutes of the Regular Convocation of 9 November 2005 were confirmed.

Petitions for new Chapters
The following petitions for new Chapters were granted:

Mutual Friendship No. 17 (to meet at Freemasonsí Hall, London); for a new Chapter to be attached to Makepeace Lodge No. 3674 to be called Makepeace Chapter No. 3674 (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Eastern Archipelago); a new Chapter to be attached to Mildenhall Lodge No. 6292 to be called Mildenhall Chapter No. 6292 (Mildenhall, Suffolk); a new Chapter to be attached to the Lodge of Protection No. 9047, to be called Chapter of Protection No. 9047 (Mark Masonsí Hall, London); a new Chapter to be attached to Proscenium Lodge No. 9059, to be called Proscenium Chapter No. 9059 ( Guildford Street, Cardiff, South Wales, Eastern Division); a new Chapter to be attached to Uganda Lodge No. 9157 to be called Uganda Chapter No. 9157 (Kampala, Uganda, East Africa).

Centenary Charters
Memorials for the following Chapters, authorising the members to wear the Centenary Jewel were approved:

Fortitude Chapter No. 229 (London), with effect from 13 February 2007; Orion in the West No. 415 (London), 6 October 2006; Priory Chapter No. 561 (Yorkshire, North and East Ridings), 26 October 2006; Caldwell Chapter No. 2727 (Cambridgeshire), 26 October 2006; St Aldhelm Chapter No. 2888 (Wiltshire), 24 August 2006; Sanctuary Chapter No. 305 (London), 23 October 2006.

A Memorial from Barnet London Borough Council Chapter No. 5433 (Middlesex) that, following the removal of Barnet London Borough Council Lodge from the register of Grand Lodge, it be attached to Finchley and Hendon Lodge No. 6089 (Middlesex) and be known as Finchley and Hendon Chapter No. 6089, was approved.

The following Memorials had been received: From Carnarvon Chapter No. 1572, that it be permitted to be removed from London to the Province of Staffordshire; from St Bride Chapter No. 2817, that it be permitted to be removed from London to the Province of West Kent.
    The Grand Superintendents concerned having accorded their assent, the Memorials were granted.

An invitation had been received from the Grand Lodge of Andorra to assist in the introduction of Royal Arch Masonry into that country with a view to establishing a Grand Chapter of Andorra in due course. The Committee considered that the invitation should be accepted and appropriate steps be taken by the Grand Chapter to achieve the purpose.
    The Grand Lodge of Andorra had taken powers to enable it to regulate Royal Arch Chapters within its territory, and the following Chapters had indicated their intention to seek to be removed from the jurisdiction of this Grand Chapter to that of the Grand Lodge of Andorra: Fellowship Chapter No. 2535 (London) and Hanworth Park Chapter No. 5634 (Middlesex).
    The Committee expected that a formal Memorial would have been received from each of those Chapters by the date of, or soon after, the Convocation of Grand Chapter on 27 April.
    A recommendation that, subject to the receipt of a formal Memorial and to the consent of the Grand Superintendent concerned, each of those Chapters be permitted to be removed to the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Andorra, and in consequence thereof be erased from the register of the Grand Chapter, was approved.

The following Chapters have resolved to surrender their Charters:

Loyal Todmorden Chapter No. 288, in order to amalgamate with Chapter of Justice No. 219 (East Lancashire); Industria Chapter No. 5214, in order to amalgamate with Old Paludians Chapter No. 7181 (Buckinghamshire); Oxhey Chapter No. 6864, in order to amalgamate with North Watford Chapter No. 6918 (Hertfordshire).
    Approval was given for the Chapters to be removed from the register in order to effect the respective amalgamations.

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