ISSUE 19, October 2006
Historic: Rabbi and Mason
Travel: Morocco's exotic charm
Quarterly Communication: Address by the Pro Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes
Working with Youngsters: The Grand Master goes fishing
Community Relations: Saying it with flowers
International: Spanish Freemasonry under the microscope
   Events: Grand Lodge Award; Royal Masonic Variety Show
Specialist Lodges: Masonry on the canal
Freemasonry and Society: A Churchman's view of Masonry
Education: Toast of the town and Events
Young Masons: The Universities Scheme
Library & Museum: The Freemasons's Tontine
Masonic Charities: The Grand Charity and NMSF and RMTGB and RMBI
Book reviews

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Planning ahead
I was delighted to read ‘Planning ahead for the Chair’ by Raymond Hollins (MQ, Issue No. 18). I was initiated in 1994 and was told to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.
    At the festive board I was given a First Degree book and I pledged to read it for 10- 15 minutes. When I became Senior Deacon I taught myself all three degrees and practised them at various Lodges of Instruction.This gave me time to learn the Installation and Inner Working plus Address to the Master.
    This stood me in good stead, for totally unplanned, I had four years in the chair continuously due to unforeseen calamities – two years in each of two Lodges, and for a while reigning Master of both. This should be food for thought for junior Masons, who are the bedrock and future of Freemasonry.

Paul Fuschillo,
Ilford, Essex

Another Ellis school
I have read the article (MQ, issue No. 18) on the new William Webb Ellis Lodge with great interest. However, William Ellis founded four schools of which only one has survived to the present day.
    That school is the William Ellis School at Parliament Hill in London and it has a Lodge founded by former pupils which was consecrated in 1932 as Elysian Lodge No. 5242.
    It has just celebrated it’s 75th anniversary and two of its Old Boys have just completed over 50 years in Masonry.


Research help needed
I am currently researching needlework in relation to The Royal Masonic Girls’ School and would like to obtain a copy of the book Polished Corner Stones, Royal Masonic School for Girls by Lorna Cowburn, ISBN 0-954- 1560-0-5.
    Perhaps someone no longer has a need for their copy or have one for sale. Having viewed a copy at the library recently, the information contained within is pertinent to my research. Also, I am anxious for any information regarding needlework samplers that were stitched at the School. I can be contacted at or through my father, Peter Hadden, Trevelyan Lodge No. 9187, Berkshire.

Linda Hadden

Beamish was superb
When I first joined masonry nearly 30 years ago, I was interested to hear the stories from much older Masons about how they often joined in civic parades in full regalia. So you can imagine how delighted I was to see the photographs from Beamish.
    As a councillor, I am often involved in civic duties, and I greatly regret that I am not allowed to display my membership of Freemasonry in an obvious way I am not suggesting that we should wear full regalia, but it would be nice if Grand Lodge could design a simple neck jewel to attach to a ribbon so that those of us involved in civic duties can show the public the part that we play. The Lodge I belong to has provided three Town Mayors and many councillors during the last 25 years, yet the public know nothing of this.

Bob Barnes
St Neots, Huntingdonshire

Church bigotry
I am a relatively new brother, but my family connection goes back at least 100 years, with grandfathers and uncles who were very keen Masons and held high office.
    I am a Christian, and before joining the Lodge I was advised by a number of churchgoers not to join. Since joining I have been told by our vicar that I am no longer a suitable person to hold any office within the church.
    For that reason, I and a number of other local brothers have resigned totally from that church and now attend elsewhere, where the prejudice is not present.
    My Lodge committee contacted Grand Lodge about this totally unwarranted discrimination, but they could do nothing.

David Hendry
Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Archbishop Masons
Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher (MQ, Issue No. 18) was not the first Archbishop to belong to the Craft. The Rt. Rev. Dr. Harrington Clare Lees, Archbishop of Melbourne from 1921 to 1929, was a foundation member of Old Melbournians Lodge, founded in 1922. This will be of interest to members of the Craft, particularly to northern Masons, as he was born in Ashton-under-Lyne in Lancashire.

Kenneth Bayley

   “Toot” a Mason
In answer to Bro. Owens Edwards letter on “Openness in New Zealand” (MQ, Issue No. 18), as you can see from the attached photo, I have sported a “Fridge Magnet” on the rear of my car for the past five years.
    It has caused some motorists to “toot” their car horns at me, not always giving the right toot! I can tell if the person is an EA, FC or MM!
    The badges can be bought from the internet “freemasonstore” in America, I purchased 50 of them five years ago and sold them to fellow Masons at £5 each and donated the money to charity.

Bob Sutton

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