ISSUE 19, October 2006
Historic: Rabbi and Mason
Travel: Morocco's exotic charm
Quarterly Communication: Address by the Pro Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes
Working with Youngsters: The Grand Master goes fishing
Community Relations: Saying it with flowers
International: Spanish Freemasonry under the microscope
   Events: Grand Lodge Award; Royal Masonic Variety Show
Specialist Lodges: Masonry on the canal
Freemasonry and Society: A Churchman's view of Masonry
Education: Toast of the town and Events
Young Masons: The Universities Scheme
Library & Museum: The Freemasons's Tontine
Masonic Charities: The Grand Charity and NMSF and RMTGB and RMBI
Book reviews

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Canonbury Masonic Research Centre
Eighth International Conference – 4–5 November: Knowledge of the Heart: Gnostic Movements and Secret Traditions
This conference will explore the rich legacy of Gnostic beliefs and secret traditions from Sufism to the Gospel of Judas, and has an international forum of speakers.

Presentations include:
Roelof Van den Broek (Emeritus Professor, University of Utrecht): Spiritual Transformation in Ancient Hermetism & Gnosticism.
Richard A Crane (Millennium Prestonian Lecturer): A Brief Insight into the Christian & Islamic Mystical Experience.
Tobias Churton (Hon. Fellow, Exeter University): Freemasonry: A Gnostic Tradition?
Dr. Roger Dachez (President, Masonic Institute of France): Martinist Orders & Freemasonry in France Since Papus’ Time.
Philip Davies (Professor Emeritus, Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield): Gnosticism & the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Dr Peter Forshaw (British Academy Post- Doctoral Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London): The Influence of Corpus Hermeticum on Early Occult Philosophy.
Robert Gilbert (Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076): Follies of the Wise Two Centuries of the Western Vision of Gnosticism.
James Robinson (Emeritus Professor, Claremont University, USA): The Sethian Gnostic Gospel of Judas.
Dr Leon Schlaam (Lecturer in Religious Studies, University of Kent at Canterbury): Jung: Gnostic or Kabbalist?
Dr. Madeleine Scopello (University de Paris IV, Sorbonne): The Temple as Symbol of the Soul in the Nag Hammadi Scriptures.
Colin Wilson (Philosopher/Author): The Outsider & Beyond the Occult: The Geography of Consciousness.
Prof. Thierry Zarcone (Research Fellow, National Centre of Scientific Research, Paris): Gnostic/Sufi Symbols & Ideas in Turkish & Persian Freemasonry.

You can download registration forms from Conference fee £75 (£8.50 per day lunch optional). Special dinner party for speakers and delegates on Saturday evening, 4 November. For further information, tickets, accommodation, meals and travel, contact Carole McGilvery on 020 7226 6256 or e-mail:

Autumn Public Lectures
(7–9pm. Entry fee £7)

18 October: Gareth Knight (Dion Fortune & The Masonic Tradition).
15 November: Charles ‘Chic’ Cicero (The Rosicrucian Vault: A Compendium of the Universal Unity).
6 December: Rev Neville Barker-Cryer (York Mysteries Revealed) plus book signing.

Cornerstone Society conference
The Cornerstone Society’s 2006 Northern Conference will be held at Hemsley House in Salford, Greater Manchester on Saturday 11 November, registration at 9.30 am.
    Speakers will include Dr. Brent Morris, one of the world’s foremost Masonic scholars, Prof. Njördur P. Njardvik, Grand Master of the International Order of Co-Freemasonry Le Droit Humain, Trevor Stewart, 2004 Prestonian Lecturer and Julian Rees, Deputy Editor of Freemasonry Today. Conference tickets are £15.50 per person and will include a light lunch and refreshments.
    Application forms and full details can be obtained on line at or by writing to the secretary, details below. Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope. Payments for the conference can now also be made on line.
    In addition, a lecture tour in November 2006 is planned for Dr. Brent Morris and details can be found on our website. Brent Morris is Editor of the Scottish Rite Journal of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction USA and the author of several Masonic titles.
    A programme of Cornerstone Society lectures for Lodges throughout the year is being put together, for which we have seen considerable demand. Interested lodges are invited to contact us.
    The Society has commissioned an exclusive lapel pin, enamel finish, bearing The Cornerstone Society’s distinctive logo on a white background, measuring 15mm x 20 mm. The cost, including postage and packing, is £7 UK, £7.35 continental Europe and £8.15 USA and the rest of the world. You can purchase the pin online on our website or by writing to the secretary, enclosing the correct payment.
    For further information, please email or write to The Secretary, The Cornerstone Society, ‘Bellfield’, 13 Victoria Road, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, fy8 1le.

University of Sheffield
Centre for Research into Freemasonry
The programme of the Centre’s public seminars for the academic session 2006–7 begins on 10 October 2006, when Dr Francis Harris of the British Library, author of Transformations of Love: the Friendship of John Evelyn and Margaret Godolphin, winner of the 2005 Samuel Pepys Prize, speaks on Alchemy and Monstrous Love: episodes from the life of Sir Robert Moray.
    The Centre’s seminars are held at 1pm in the Douglas Knoop Centre, 34 Gell Street, Sheffield s3 7qw. Admission is free. Other seminars are being held on 24 October, 10 November, 4 December and 12 December. The speaker on 4 December will be Professor James Steven Curl, who will speak on Symbolism in Eighteenth-Century Gardens: a Freemasonic Connection. For details of speakers at other seminars, consult the Centre’s website:
    The Centre will be holding a day workshop on Marranos and Masons: Problems and Possibilities on 1 November 2006 from 11.30am to 4pm. Speakers will include Professor Andrew Prescott of the Centre for Research into Freemasonry and Gloria Mound, Executive Director of the Institute for Marrano-Anusim Studies, Gan Yavne, Israel. Admission is free, but those wishing to attend should obtain a ticket in advance from the Centre’s administrator, Julie Banham, Centre for Research into Freemasonry, Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield, 34 Gell Street, Sheffield s3 7qw (e-mail:; tel. 0114 222 9890) .
    Andrew Prescott was recently guest editor of a special issue of the Labour History Review on Freemasonry, Fraternalism and Labour. Copies of this special issue, containing articles by John Hamill, Andrew Prescott, Roger Burt and James Smith Allen, can be ordered for £15 (including postage and packing) from Julie Banham.

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