ISSUE 19, October 2006
Historic: Rabbi and Mason
Travel: Morocco's exotic charm
Quarterly Communication: Address by the Pro Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes
Working with Youngsters: The Grand Master goes fishing
Community Relations: Saying it with flowers
International: Spanish Freemasonry under the microscope
   Events: Grand Lodge Award; Royal Masonic Variety Show
Specialist Lodges: Masonry on the canal
Freemasonry and Society: A Churchman's view of Masonry
Education: Toast of the town and Events
Young Masons: The Universities Scheme
Library & Museum: The Freemasons's Tontine
Masonic Charities: The Grand Charity and NMSF and RMTGB and RMBI
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Ben at the Linden Clinic

No more trouble at the mill
   Can we help?
Included within this edition of MQ is a small leaflet advertising the work of the New Masonic Samaritan Fund (NMSF). It includes a small plastic card which provides both the contact details of the Fund and a brief outline of the support it provides.
    Please detach the card from the leaflet and keep it in a safe place.
    Ideally, keep it with you at all times just in case you, or someone you know, needs to contact the Fund. Above all, please remember that help and confidential advice are just a phone call away.

Look what I can do!
Ben Huntsman is nearly four years old and was born with facial paralysis down the right side of his face. He was unable to close his right eye or move any muscles at all. His face looked “droopy” and he couldn’t even smile. After a long series of tests at his local hospital, Ben’s parents were told that nothing could be done.
    Faced with a 12-month wait for a second opinion the family took matters into their own hands with extensive research via the internet. This identified a possible course of treatment at the Linden Clinic, Cheshire.
    The treatment involves attaching electrodes to Ben’s face every night for three hours.
    Electrical impulses stimulate the nerves and encourage movement. This has to be done while Ben is asleep and his parents stay with him to check the electrodes remain in place.
    Having started the treatment privately, and in the absence of any funding from their local health authority, the family faced the prospect of having to abandon the process as they could not afford the ongoing expense.
    Fortunately, a chance conversation with the Almoner of Searton Valley Lodge No. 6239 led to an approach being made to the NMSF who made a grant to the family. As a result, Ben now has his own machine at home enabling him to gain maximum benefit.
    The biggest highlight for Ben’s parents was to be awoken one morning by the excited shouts of “Look what I can do!” as Ben was able to close his right eye. At his most recent visit to the Linden Clinic, Ben was shown to have ten times the nerve/muscle activity in the right side of his face compared to his previous visit.

No more trouble at mill!
In December 2005, the NMSF paid for hip replacement surgery for Ray Horton.
    Following many months of extreme pain and discomfort, Ray was able to undergo surgery at the Horder Centre five months before his anticipated NHS date.
    He has now tested the success of the surgery by, amongst other things, climbing to the top of Blackpool Tower and the 137 steps to the light at St Mary’s lighthouse in Whitley Bay.
    Not content with these achievements Ray is now back at work as part of the volunteer maintenance team at the White Windmill, Sandwich and proudly able to carry his own tools. In his own words Ray says “my left hip is now as good as it ever was, I do not even think about having had an operation”.
    If you know someone who is waiting for medical treatment via the NHS, and cannot afford private care, please contact the NMSF on 020 7404 1550.

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