ISSUE 2, July 2002
Brothers in endurance: Sir Ernest Shackleton
Travel: Florida
Jack the Ripper: Exploring the Masonic link
Quarterly Communication: Annual Investiture address by the Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes and Report of the Library and Museum Trust
Masonic News: Order of Service to Masonry; Grand Lodge deficit; Alvin Coburn pioneer photographer; Royal Masonic Variety Show
   Royal Arch News: Concern over falling exaltations
Charity News: Masonic relief grants launched; New RMBI video; Help is at hand through the NMSF; RMBI challenges and change; Update on RMBI projects; RMBI resident Jessie is Britain's oldest person; Grand Charity grant to National Asthma Campaign; TalentAid
Masonic Homes: Proud and independent
Library and Museum news: Recent library acquisitions
Book reviews

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Prestonian Lecture

The 2001 Lecturer, Simon Fernie, informed the Board that, in addition to the four official deliveries of his lecture on 'The first degree in Freemasonry' to Narberth Lodge No. 2001 (South Wales, Western Division), Fellowship and Service Lodge No. 5065 (London), East Surrey Masters Lodge No. 5888 (Croydon, Surrey) and Cyprus Masters Lodge No. 9665 (Limassol, Cyprus), the lecture was delivered on 20 other occasions.
    The Lecturer for 2002 is C W Wallis-Newport, and the five official lectures on 'The Anglo-Irish Masonic connections' have been or will be given under the auspices of Lodge of St Michael No. 2933 (Eastern Archipelago), University Lodge of the West Indies No. 7128 (Jamaica and the Cayman Islands), Euclid Lodge of Installed Masters No. 8168 (Bristol) and Senatores Lodge of Installed Masters No. 8966 (West Lancashire).
    The Lecturer for 2003 is Professor A N Newman on the subject of 'The contribution of the Provinces to the development of English Freemasonry'. Applications for one of these lectures, the only lectures held under the authority of Grand Lodge, should be made to the Grand Secretary, from London Lodges to London Management, and from Provincial or District Grand Lodges through Provincial or District Grand Secretaries.
    Only Lodges prepared to offer facilities for all Freemasons in their area, to ensure an attendance worthy of the occasion, should apply.

Grand Lodge of Minnesota

At the Quarterly Communications in December 2001, the President of the Board of General Purposes informed Grand Lodge that the Grand Lodge of Minnesota had extended recognition to the irregular Grand Lodge of France (not to be confused with the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise, the only Grand Lodge in France recognised by this Grand Lodge and most other recognised Grand Lodges). The Grand Lodge of Minnesota has recently affirmed that it will continue to recognise the Grand Lodge of France, despite its irregularity. The Grand Lodge of France has never been recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England.
    The Board is in no doubt that the Grand Lodge of Minnesota's recognition of the Grand Lodge of France is detrimental to Freemasonry and therefore recommends that the recognition of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota be withdrawn. Motion approved.


The following Lodges have closed and surrendered their Warrants:
    Barnet No. 2509 (London), Etekwini No. 2623 (Natal), St Swithin's No. 3910 (London), Irenic No. 4797 (London), Galen No. 5725 (Sussex), Coronation No. 5703 (Middlesex), Sunset No. 5788 (London), Carew No. 6108 (Surrey), Hornbeam No. 6382 (Essex), Tooting Bec No. 6837 (London), Mashava No. 7399 (Zimbabwe), North Wold No. 7513 (Middlesex), Justice and Harmony No. 7550 (Middlesex) and Olde Isleworth No. 7909 (Middlesex).

Commission for Appeals Courts

The Board noted with regret the death of ADM Sorell, who served on the Commission since his election in 1982 to represent London Lodges. R G Kaye, TD, QC was elected to serve until 2003.


To effect the respective amalgamations, the following Lodges were removed from the Register: Hendon No. 2206, to be amalgamated with Lodge of Loyalty No. 1607 (London); Gateacre No. 6782 and Queensway No. 7157, to be amalgamated with Wavertree No. 2294 (West Lancashire); Dewi Sant No. 4728, to be amalgamated with Gwalia No. 7893 (London); Sodales No. 3958, to be amalgamated with Perfect Cube 6822 (London).

Grand Lodge accounts for 2001

The Audited Accounts of Grand Lodge for the year ended 31 December 2001 were approved. The Grand Lodge Auditors were also elected. Recognition of
    Grand Lodges Recognition was given to the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of New York, the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Virginia and the National Grand Lodge of Poland.

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