ISSUE 2, July 2002
Brothers in endurance: Sir Ernest Shackleton
Travel: Florida
Jack the Ripper: Exploring the Masonic link
Quarterly Communication: Annual Investiture address by the Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes and Report of the Library and Museum Trust
Masonic News: Order of Service to Masonry; Grand Lodge deficit; Alvin Coburn pioneer photographer; Royal Masonic Variety Show
   Royal Arch News: Concern over falling exaltations
Charity News: Masonic relief grants launched; New RMBI video; Help is at hand through the NMSF; RMBI challenges and change; Update on RMBI projects; RMBI resident Jessie is Britain's oldest person; Grand Charity grant to National Asthma Campaign; TalentAid
Masonic Homes: Proud and independent
Library and Museum news: Recent library acquisitions
Book reviews

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A freemason's wife welcomes MQ

I am sure I join many others in congratulating you on the publication of MQ magazine. How times have changed, albeit slowly, but you have got there in the end. Freemasons have been their own worst enemy for many years and it is marvellous to see you strike out at last.
    I remember being at home, more than 20 years ago, when my brother's friend launched into a tirade of abuse and ill truths about Freemasons. My father is a Mason, and my mother, brother and I knew this, and yet none of us said a word. Even I, who was always fairly outspoken, said nothing and waited for my father to put him right, which, of course, he didn't.
    Fast forward 20 years plus and I am now married to a Freemason. We have tried our utmost to be open and educative to everyone who mentions Freemasonry and its strange traditions. And it is so much easier now that there are lots of books written by Freemasons that everyone can read.
    Recently I was able to go to a lecture about Freemasonry - imagine that happening five years ago, never mind 20! I am not a Freemason, and I am a female, but I probably know more about Freemasonry than some Initiates.
    You should continue to make sure that all Freemasons are educated about their 'club' so that they can get more enjoyment out of it. This, in turn, helps spread a positive image to the rest of us.
    (Mrs) Carole Stanish, Bamford, Derbyshire

More praise for the launch of MQ

I have been forced to consider cutting down on my Masonic events due to everincreasing family and business duties, and I have been wondering whether to remain active. Then I opened MQ and was enthralled for over an hour. If this is the future of our Craft, then I'm certainly going to stay on board for the ride for a very long time.
    Philip Smith, Sedgefield, County Durham

It was with great pleasure that I received my first copy of MQ. I am still gasping with surprise,delight and admiration. Suddenly this ancient Institution has been propelled into the 21st century. It certainly gives Masonry a new and welcome Image.
    David Bushman, Ampthill, Bedfordshire

I found it to be impelling reading and very difficult to put down, because not only were there excellent articles on topics of leisure, holidays and sport, but it opened up the mysteries of our headquarters in Great Queen Street.
    Brian Scales, Honiton, Devon

It was most interesting and informative. Please keep up the good work in this special year 2002. I shall be saving my copy for my next trip to North Carolina USA to show my Brothers in Guilford Lodge No. 656. I know they will be as delighted to read it as I was.
    W Fuller, Sussex

I would like to congratulate you on a fine, well laid-out magazine. As a professional photographer I congratulate whoever took the photographs of Grand Lodge, a challenging subject, and feel they should have had a by-line.
    Ben May, Canterbury, Kent

We have a success, let's build on it. Goodeditorial, beautifully written, first-class photography and design, the future shop window for our charities and Grand Lodge. The balance of one page of quality advertising to four pages of editorial is perfect.
    Peter Simkins, Hoarwithy, Herefordshire

This is a breath of fresh air within Freemasonry. Being a mere rookie to Masonry (Initiated 1997) I class myself as one of the new breed of more open Masons, and MQ is exactly what we require.
    John Ball, Bristol

I thoroughly enjoyed the excellent and varied content.
    Bill Neve, East Harling, Norfolk

Congratulations on a first class magazine. This is just what is needed to bring Freemasonry to coffee tables everywhere - a balanced, general-reading magazine, with just enough Masonic news to make a reader interested in wondering what it's all about.
    Steve Ramsay, Bletchley, Milton Keynes

Family man

I like it. My wife enjoyed it. Looking to future editions, may consideration be given to including a family page, perhaps on the line of fun for the children or where to take them? After all, Freemasonry should involve the family.
    Tony Norris, Bromley, Kent

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