ISSUE 23, October 2007

Quarterly Communication: Speech of the Pro Grand Master : Quarterly Communication
Grand Secretary: Exciting times ahead
Historic: Telford - Mason extraordinary
Travel: Cruising round Sicily
Samaritan: Helping the distressed
Younger Masons: The common bond
Jersey: Local Masons guard the Duke
   Classic car run: Down memory lane
International: Joseph Brant - a Masonic legend
Universities Scheme: The way ahead
Grand Chancellor: The importance of external relations
Education: Events : Understanding the symbols of the craft
Specialist Lodges: Australia link
Royal Arch: Why join the Royal Arch?
Lbrary & Museum: Major award for Library & Museum
MQ Signs off
Masonic Charities: Grand Charity : NMSF : RMBI : RMTGB
Letters, Book reviews, Gardening

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    MQ’s last issue
This is the last issue of MQ. We are being amalgamated with Freemasonry Today, and from January the new magazine will be sent to you under that title.
     MQ has published 23 issues – almost six years of interesting work on behalf of the Craft, in which I hope we have put before you contemporary and historical articles, as well as up-to-date information from Grand Lodge, Supreme Grand Chapter, the four main Masonic charities and the Library and Museum of Freemasonry.
     An organisation the size of the United Grand Lodge of England should have its own ‘house’ magazine to keep in communication with its members, and I am sure that Freemasonry Today, which has been published as an independent publication for ten years, will rise to the occasion.
     This is an interesting time for Freemasonry, with much activity happening both centrally and locally. The new magazine will be bringing all these developments to you. The Universities Scheme, the ongoing community work and the many services available to Masons and their families through the charities, shows the true face of the Craft.
     I am grateful to the countless numbers of you who have written to me on various issues of interest and concern to you, and I value the many contacts I have made over the past six years. I have been most grateful to the many generous comments which have been paid to MQ since its launch in January 2002.
     We have kept our overseas members informed through our web site, as well as many thousands of others – both Masons and non-Masons – who have an interest in Freemasonry. Both the magazine and the web site have underlined the UGLE policy of more openness. The Craft has much of which it can be justifiably proud; we have nothing to hide.
     The official announcement of the amalgamation was made by the Pro Grand Master, Lord Northampton, to Grand Lodge in September (see page 6, and a tribute to MQ is paid on page 42). It is now time to sign off and welcome the new. So mote it be.

Masonry universal
The Grand Chancellor, Alan Englefield, spoke to Grand Lodge last month, outlining his role involving external relations with other Grand Lodges. His task is important, and this is recognised by the very fact of his appointment, the first ever under our Constitution. The badge on his apron – hands being shaken across a globe of the world – emphasises “Masonry Universal”.
     A major event for him in November is the specially-convened Pro-Grand Master’s Conference on Regularity. The issue of regularity among Grand Lodges is important, as there is a strong need for amity where it can be obtained with Masons from other Constitutions.
     There is also the need to keep in touch with our District Grand Lodges overseas, an important part of our Order, essential to our world-wide status, reflecting as they do, the universality of the Craft.

Grand Orient of Italy
In our July issue we inadvertently dropped the key word “not” from our article on the ruling in favour of Freemasonry from the European Court of Human Rights (page 35). This gave the false impression that the UGLE recognised the Grand Orient of Italy.
     The UGLE does not recognise this Grand Lodge as being Regular.

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