ISSUE 23, October 2007

Quarterly Communication: Speech of the Pro Grand Master : Quarterly Communication
Grand Secretary: Exciting times ahead
Historic: Telford - Mason extraordinary
Travel: Cruising round Sicily
Samaritan: Helping the distressed
Younger Masons: The common bond
Jersey: Local Masons guard the Duke
   Classic car run: Down memory lane
International: Joseph Brant - a Masonic legend
Universities Scheme: The way ahead
Grand Chancellor: The importance of external relations
Education: Events : Understanding the symbols of the craft
Specialist Lodges: Australia link
Royal Arch: Why join the Royal Arch?
Lbrary & Museum: Major award for Library & Museum
MQ Signs off
Masonic Charities: Grand Charity : NMSF : RMBI : RMTGB
Letters, Book reviews, Gardening

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It has been very interesting reading the letters and comments made by younger brethren who have now benefited by joining the Craft and to learn of how they heard about Freemasonry.
     One Lodge that I belong to (King Harold No. 1327) recently held an open meeting and white table in place of a regular meeting, which proved to be very successful.
     It was promoted Province-wide in all of the Masonic centres with posters and an article in the Provincial newsletter.
     The idea was to tell as many non-Masons as possible about Freemasonry, and was a recruitment drive not just for the Lodge but for Freemasonry in general.
     More than 70 people attended, including the local MP and mayor. Tea was taken and then the guests were invited to the Lodge room. With the exception of gloves, full regalia was worn. We paraded in to the Lodge room, officers took their places and the assembled visitors were then treated to an informative talk.
     The Officers were introduced and an explanation given as to their duties.
     This was followed by a prolonged question and answer session after which we paraded out to a rousing Land of Hope and Glory.
     Pre-dinner drinks were then taken, followed by dinner in a very relaxed atmosphere. The whole event went very well, with Freemasonry picking up at least six new initiates.
     One other thing to consider is making more use of old copies of MQ, by putting a label on them giving the local Provincial Office telephone number. We have started doing this in my Mother Lodge (Walnut Tree No. 5192), and there are now many waiting rooms in Hertfordshire where you will find a copy (or six) of MQ and our own Provincial News.
     Peter Headington
     Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Memories of an old trouper
I was very interested to read the article (MQ, Issue No. 22) about Reg Moores’ activities in the entertainment world.
     Tom Arnold’s production of Rose Marie on Ice was the first musical to be presented in this medium at Haringay Arena, London. It brought back many memories because I sang and spoke for Michael Kirby, who played and skated the main lead of Jim Kenyon.
     Both Michael and Barbara Ann Scott, who played and skated the role of Rose Marie, became close friends of my wife and I, and we met several times on later US concert tours. Reg mentions Shaw Taylor – I think he spoke for Heinie Brock, who played the part of ‘Hard-Boiled Herman’ in the show. I also sang the song Because for Barbara Ann Scott when she performed her solo skating act.
     The photograph was taken on the last night of the production with producer Gerald Palmer standing between Barbara and Michael, with myself to Michael’s right in evening tails.
     In October I shall celebrate 56 years in Freemasonry, having been initiated into Savage Club Lodge No. 2190 in 1951. The same month I shall celebrate my 92nd year.
     I had the same problem as Reg in being unable to take office in the Lodge because of constant touring in the UK and abroad.
     I finally became Savage Club Lodge Master in 1968, and was later DC for 12 years.
     When I moved from London I joined Bela Lodge No. 7576, Province of Cumberland and Westmorland in 1991 and was Master in 1994.
     Thomas Round
     Carnforth, Lancashire

Thomas Round (far left) with Rose Marie stars Michael Kirby and Barbara Ann Scott with Gerald Palmer in the middle.

Joining up with Reg
It was with pleasure that I read the article on inventor and entertainer Reg Moores (MQ, Issue No. 22), for I stood next to him when we joined the RAF in 1944.
     Reg – or Curly as we called him – was always a bit of a boffin and kept the hut entertained with his small self-built portable radio and stories of one-wheeled bikes, etc.
     Ben May
     Canterbury, Kent

Breeches Bible
The most interesting article (MQ, Issue No. 20), mentioned that “At present … (this) Breeches Bible is the only one known to be used in the English Constitution although in America there are believed to be two.’
     Grand Master’s Lodge No. 1 owns a Breeches Bible, presented to the Lodge in December 1918 by Hugh Knowles, who became a joining member in 1917 and was Master in 1929.
     This version was ‘Imprinted at London by the deputies of Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty, 1599’. This was in the last years of the reign of Elizabeth I.
     Due to its age and value, it is not used by the Lodge but is on loan to the Library and Museum of Freemasonry at Freemasons’ Hall, London.
     I W Fairclough
     Secretary, Grand Master’s Lodge No. 1

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