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Escaping the floods in Doncaster

Flood victims received support at the British Red Cross Rest Centres

    Masons help UK flood victims Thousands without drinking water or electricity, homes destroyed and families forced to seek refuge in emergency rest centres. When, during the summer months, the UK experienced the worst flooding seen since 1947, The Freemasons’ Grand Charity did not hesitate to meet its commitment to support people in need. Emergency grants totalling £100,000 were quickly approved to help victims of the devastation caused by the torrential downpours.
     The flooding, which is estimated to have caused several billion pounds worth of damage, hit large areas of the country over a period of several months. Millions were affected and at the height of the crisis military helicopters were called in to rescue people cut off by the deluge. Tragically, the unpredictable and dangerous waters claimed a number of lives, but even as the floods began to recede it was clear that the ordeal for those caught up in events was not over.
     The clean-up operation is set to be a long, difficult and costly process and many people face months in rented accommodation before they will be able to return to their homes.
     Grahame Elliott, President of the Freemasons’ Grand Charity echoed the views of many as he announced the emergency grants: “Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this terrible weather which has destroyed homes and left many people in dire need of assistance.”
     In view of the severity of the situation, support from The Freemasons’ Grand Charity has been given in several ways.
     Firstly, an emergency grant of £35,000 was used to help boost Provincial donations to a variety of charitable causes helping local people. Through a second emergency grant of £65,000 to the British Red Cross Floods Appeal, vital ongoing assistance for communities and individuals affected by the floods was provided.
     Thirdly, and in parallel to donations for the wider local community, the Freemasons’ Grand Charity has helped Masons affected by the disaster through Masonic Relief Grants which are given to relieve hardship.
     The grants from The Freemasons’ Grand Charity have been well received, with a report of the donation to the British Red Cross appearing in The Daily Telegraph and a number of phone calls and letters received at the offices of the Charity thanking it for the support given to the victims.
     Speaking about the grant, Mark Astarita, Director of Fundraising at the British Red Cross, said: “When an event of this scale happens, organisations like the Freemasons’ Grand Charity play an enormously important role.
     “On the practical side, you make it possible for the Red Cross and other good causes to have resources to quickly make a difference. In our case, to launch an emergency relief effort, with equipment and essential supplies – like water, food and clothing – delivered rapidly to affected areas.
     At the same time, it serves to send a message that there are people who continue to care and value each and every person.
     “As the waters recede and we start to move towards helping communities to rebuild their lives, Freemasons across the country should be enormously proud of the contribution they have made to people affected by the recent flooding, both at home and overseas, where your support for the Asia Floods Appeal is making a similar difference on the other side of the world.”

Supporting people in need
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