ISSUE 4, January 2003
History: The Wilde Oxford Mason
Captain Courageous: Mason Eric Moody's Horror Flight
Travel: Weekend Tonic
Quarterly Communication: Address by the Pro Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes
Supreme Grand Chapter
   Charity News: Grand Charity and New Masonic Samaritan Fund and RMBI - Making the Difference and New Masonic Samaritan Fund - In Safe Hands
Spring lecture season: Library & Museum of Freemasonry; Cornerstone Society; Canonbury Masonic Research Centre; Sheffield University
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Prince Albert As PGM
I refer to the Star Letter and photographs on page 66 in the last issue. Prince Albert Victor of Wales was installed as Provincial Grand Master of Berkshire on 15 December 1890 and not, as stated in the caption, on 1 May 1890. He was at that date Senior Grand Warden in Grand Lodge.
    T Gardiner, Albert Victor Lodge No. 2328

Masonic Hall Request
A couple of years ago I visited Beaumaris Castle on Anglesey in north Wales and discovered by chance a Masonic hall and took a photograph. Since then I have photographed other halls.
    I have started to build up a small collection and would like to enlarge it, possibly with some inside information - when it was built, by whom, at what cost? And some photographs of the inside if they are available.
    If any Brother has a photograph and potted history of a Masonic hall it would be gratefully received and faithfully applied.
    Kenneth Garner, 1 Thorn Road, Paddington, Warrington, Cheshire WAl3HQ

Giving One's Time
I read with interest in MQ (Issue No.3) a letter from Rick Double relating to an individual's use of time. Well, pity the poor Colonial in this regard!
    I have been a proud London Mason for the past 37 years, being initiated into Bishopsway Lodge No. 6061 in 1965 at the tender age of 21. In 1968 I emigrated to Canada and continued with my Masonic association by becoming a founder member, Master and secretary of Ye Olde Craft Lodge No. 196 in Edmonton, Alberta. It involves a regular attendee or officer at 30 meetings a year.
    I currently serve in Balmoral Lodge No. 185 as Lodge Piper (yes, we have a Lodge piper as an office), and in December I again took the helm as Lodge secretary as well as my piping duties.
    I am currently First Principal of North Star No.2 Royal Arch Chapter, which also meets ten times a year.
    The Alberta Royal Arch Chapters as well as the Royal Arch Degree carry out the Mark Master and the Most Excellent Master Degrees just a little more memory work. Chalk up another 20 meetings.
    I belong to Edmonton Preceptory No. 46 Knights Templar, which has nine meetings a year, and this year I handed over my treasurer's duties as I was invested as The Grand Lodge Piper.
    I also belong to the Cryptic Rite Masons and the Al Shamal Shrine Masons, who each meet ten times a year.
    The year before last I was Craft District Deputy Grand Master, attending 145 functions in that year alone, and next year will again serve as Grand Lodge Piper.
    Am I busy as a Mason? You bet. Is it rewarding? You bet. Would I want it any other way? No.
    Laurence Marson, Past District Deputy Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Alberta

Royal Arch Problems
I read with great interest the letter from Rick Double (MQ, Issue No.3) regarding Chapter numbers and the number of falling Exaltations.
    While I appreciate and understand his reasons regarding the amount of time available for Chapter, there is another reason why Brethren are reluctant to join Chapter.
    If it is, as suggested, the continuation of the Third Degree, why does it have a separate hierarchy, regalia and ritual? Should it not be part of the Lodge and have a Part 1 and Part 2 of the Third Degree?
    There should be a simple explanation given to candidates on completion of the Third Degree why the present organisation for the Royal Arch is as it is.
    Frank Kelly, Wickford, Essex

Spanish Masonic Home Plans
I read with great interest - and I must admit a smidgen of envy - the article on the provision of private medical treatment by the New Masonic Samaritan Fund (MQ Issue 3, page 58).
    The new Fund is doing a grand job, one that surely we in the Craft, committed to charity, must applaud.
    I say envy, because we members of the Valencian Province of the Grand Lodge of Spain are not yet able to emulate the achievements of the Fund.
    We are, however, under the leadership of RW Bro Ian L Hutchinson, Past District Grand Master for Spain, planning to build the first Masonic Home in Spain.
    Due to the generosity of members contributing to our 2005 festival, and the usual fund-raising activities, we have so far managed to acquire the land, and have employed an architect.
    I am the secretary of our Masonic Home of Valencia Association, and would like to invite our English Constitution Brethren to offer any advice, especially on fund-raising.
    Your - or should I say our magazine, with its format and style, will bring enlightenment to members of the Craft.
    Bruce Nightingale, Spain

Kiwis and Shackleton
I have just read 'Brothers in Endurance' (MQ Issue No.2). As a long-time student of the Masonic connection with Antarctica, I was especially interested to learn than Amundsen 'was also in the Craft'.
    This is new information for me. We have a very strong Antarctic connection in Port Chalmers, as it was the last port of call for the expeditions on their way south - mainly to top up their coal supplies.
    Jim Wilson, Port Chalmers, New Zealand

The Editor welcomes letters from readers but reserves the right to edit them. In each issue the writer of the Star Letter will win a bottle of champagne - our congratulations to Michael Horwich for his Star Letter.
    Please send your letters to John Jackson, Editor, MQ Magazine, Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ

Winston Churchill
Full marks to those eagle-eyed readers who wrote in to say they had spotted that Churchill was aged 26 when initiated into Freemasonry.
    Thanks are also due to the Estate of Sir Winston Churchill for permission to reproduce his correspondence.

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