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Report of the Board of General Purposes

Standard of dress to be worn in Lodges
The Board has been considering the standard of dress to be worn by Brethren at Lodges - the wearing of ties including the new Grand Lodge design. It last addressed the subject in 1991, when the Grand Secretary issued a letter to all Lodge secretaries.
    The Board is conscious that it has become common in many, if not most, Provinces for a 'Provincial tie' to be promoted - even stipulated by the Provincial Grand Master, often as part of fund raising for a charity festival. After wide consultation, the Board has concluded that there should be some relaxation in the rules relating to the tie worn by Brethren, and has commissioned suggestions for a Grand Lodge tie.
    As Brethren are aware, a competition was set up, with a prize donated by the Pro Grand Master. A design has been selected and it is hoped that the tie will be available early in the New Year. The new tie is suitable for wear both at Masonic meetings and in everyday life.
    The Board accordingly recommends that in Grand Lodge Brethren must wear either a plain black tie, as hitherto, or the Grand Lodge tie. On all other occasions, as an alternative to a plain black tie, the Grand Lodge tie, or the relevant authorised Provincial or District tie may be worn.
    The Board wishes to remind Brethren, however, that when visiting a Lodge in a Province or District they should wear a plain black tie or the Grand Lodge tie unless the particular Provincial or District Grand Master permits otherwise. In due course, if the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London is formed, these recommendations will apply equally in London. Regimental, College or School, Hospital, Livery and similar ties may continue by established custom to be worn in Lodges associated with regiments etc, to which they relate.
    The Board reaffirms that, unless it is the custom of a Lodge to meet in evening dress or traditional morning wear, a dark lounge suit continues to be the appropriate dress. Shirts must have a plain white collar and, if not completely white, should be of a restrained pattern or hue.

Prestonian lectures 2003
The Board has considered applications for the delivery of the official Prestonian Lectures in 2003 and has decided that these should be given under the auspices of:

¤ Jubilee Masters Lodge No. 2712 (London)

¤ Hamilton Lodge of Installed Masters No. 5454 (Cheshire)

¤ Guild of Holy Trinity Lodge No. 6125 (Cambridgeshire)

The lecturer, W Bro Professor A N Newman, states that the title of the lecture will be 'The contribution of the Provinces to the development of English Freemasonry'.

The Board has received reports that the following Lodges have resolved to surrender their Warrants:

¤ Charles Warren Lodge No. 1832 in order to amalgamate with Octahedron Lodge No. 1417 (South Africa, Central Division)

¤ Manchester Dramatic Lodge No. 2387, Lodge of Emulation No. 4953 and Prestwich Lodge No. 7838 in order to amalgamate with Egerton Lodge No. 1030 (East Lancashire)

¤ Lodge of Rectitude No. 5197 in order to amalgamate with Smithills Lodge No. 7068 (East Lancashire)

¤ Lodge of St Peter No. 6509 in order to amalgamate with Lodge of Harmony No. 600 (Yorkshire, West Riding)

¤ Constantia Lodge No. 6585 in order to amalgamate with Paxton Lodge No. 1686 (London)

¤ Waterloo Lodge No. 6832 in order to amalgamate with Alexandra Lodge No. 7245 (West Lancashire)

¤ Lodge of Perpetual Light No. 8028 in order to amalgamate with Fiat Lux Lodge No. 6144 (London).

A motion to approve the amalgamations was approved.

Masonic Year Book
The next edition of the Masonic Year Book, 2003-2004, will be available next summer. The charge will be 8 per copy and books may be ordered from the Grand Secretary on forms distributed with the Paper of Business.
    It is proposed to produce a new edition of the Directory of Lodges and Chapters during 2003. Copies of the 2000 edition are still available and may be ordered in the usual way.
    Every Lodge will receive one copy of the Masonic Year Book and an updated Directory free of charge. The Board emphasises that both copies should be available to all the members of a private Lodge and not regarded as for the exclusive use of the secretary to whom, for administrative reasons, they are dispatched.

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