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Royal Masonic School for Girls: Looking to the future
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Royal Masonic School for Girls

Looking to the future

One of English Freemasonry's proudest achievements is due to an 18th century Italian surgeondentist, as John Jackson discovered
A few minutes off the M25 within easy travelling distance to London, and sprawling over 315 acres, is one of the great and long-lasting achievements of English Freemasonry.

For in immaculately kept grounds at Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire is the Royal Masonic School for Girls (RMS), whose origins date back to the 18th century through an Italian surgeon-dentist, Chevalier Bartholomew Ruspini.
     Arriving in England in 1759, and later becoming a Freemason, the Institution for Girls was his brainchild, and in 1788 his committee met to plan for a school. After nine months a site was found between the present Euston and St Pancras stations.
How to join the RMS
To join the senior school applicants must pass an entrance examination that is sat in the January of year 6. There are a limited number of places for girls at other points of entry. Girls enter the pre-preparatory department in the September of the academic year in which they become five, or the preparatory department at age seven.
     Admission to prep is based on assessments, undertaken in classroom or small group situations, and by individual interview.
     All members of the preparatory department are guaranteed a place in the senior school at 11, but take the senior entrance examination in the same way as external candidates. They can then be considered for the 11-plus scholarships.
     All RMS girls may proceed to the sixth form if a suitable course of study can be provided and agreed. The same criteria apply to applicants from other schools wishing to join the RMS at the sixth form stage.
     Overseas students can take the entrance examinations in their current schools, or in a designated examination centre. Where a student's parents are living abroad or spend long periods outside the UK, an official guardian resident in the UK must be appointed.
     To visit the school please contact:
     Mrs G Braiden, Admissions Secretary, on T 01923 773168
     General enquiries can be made on
     The web site is
Foundation Scholarships
Six Foundation Scholarships are awarded each year, based on academic ability, to the daughters/granddaughters of Freemasons. These Scholarships are only available for boarding or weekly boarding and are awarded at age 11 (Year 7).
     The Foundation Scholarship awards are based on net income, after deduction of income tax, National Insurance, mortgage payment and school/university fees paid for other children of the family.
     The awards are based on a sliding scale. For example, a scholarship of 12,919 would be awarded to a family whose net income is less than 18,000 per annum, and for a family whose net income is less than 36,300 per annum a scholarship of 6,462 would be awarded.
     The income scale is amended from 1st January each year in line with any school fee increase.
     Grand-daughters eligible under the regulations are those whose fathers, not being Freemasons, have died or deserted the family.

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