ISSUE 7, October 2003
William Hogarth: Portrait of a Mason-Artist
Travel: Here's to your health
Royal Masonic School for Girls: Looking to the future
Masonic VC Winners
Quarterly Communication: Address of the Pro Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes
Masonic education: Major conferences programme
Masonic charities: Lifeboats and Prostate cancer and Bowel cancer and Subsidiary funds and Grand Charity meeting
Library & Museum of Freemasonry: Sword's link with Gustavus Adolphus
Book reviews

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Major conferences programme

Sheffield in good voice for BBC Radio 4
The Sheffield & District Masonic Choir in full voice, conducted by Joe Clark, is being recorded by BBC Radio 4 for the programme Music for the Brotherhood, produced by Michael Surcombe, presented by Chris de Souza and broadcast on Tuesday, 7 October.
     John Wade will be talking about the Masonic music of Mozart, with choral items illustrated by the choir, at the international conference of the Canonbury Masonic Research Centre: Freemasonry in Music and Literature, the weekend of 1st and 2nd November.
The Cornerstone Society Northern Conference
The Cornerstone Society was set up to help Freemasons to explore and to understand the deeper meaning of the rituals and practice of Freemasonry.
     Conferences and Master Classes have formed the basis of this exploration, but the Society will announce plans in the near future for carrying this message to private lodges.
     Texts of the talks given at the June Conference in London can now be read on the Society's website. These were talks by Jose Anes, Grand Master of Portugal; Kirk MacNulty, author of Freemasonry - a Journey Through Ritual and Symbol; Rev Neville Barker-Cryer, well-known Masonic author; and Bro Lightfoote of Freemasonry Today.
     The programme for the third Northern Conference 'And There Was Light' to be held at Tapton Hall, Sheffield on Saturday 8 November, is also now on the website.
     Speakers include the Grand Master of Italy, MW Bro Fabio Venzi, John Wade, Professor Philip Davies, Kirk MacNulty and Edward K Patnick. This promises to be a very interesting conference.
     The Northern Conferences get better every year and are generating much interest in all the Northern Provinces.
     Go to the website for an application form, or write to:
     The Cornerstone Society, 17 Park Avenue, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 5AX. email:
Canonbury Centre
Fifth International Conference: Freemasonry in Music and Literature 1-2 November 2003

Saturday, 1 November
Featuring John Wade and the Sheffield & District Masonic Choir

0915 Registration and Coffee
0950 Opening: CMRC Trustee
Introduction: Carole McGilvery. CMRC Conference Organiser.
Chairman: Emeritus Professor David Stevenson, University of St Andrews
1000 Andrew Pink; Goldsmiths College, University of London
Eighteenth-Century English Masonic Song Repertoire
1040 Edward M Batley; Formerly Hon. Director Institute of Germanic Studies, University of London:
'The Master of Masters': The Genius of Goethe & the Manifestation of Freemasonry in his work.
1120 Morning Coffee
1145 Professor Giovanni Carla Ballola; University of Lecce, Italy
The Sarastro Brothers: Opera & Freemasonry in the 1800s
1225 Speakers' Panel: Questions and Discussion
1300 Lunch break
1430 Professor Andrew Prescott; University of Sheffield:
The Legendary Histories of the Masonic Old Charges: a neglected literary genre
1510 Robert Cooper; Curator, Grand Lodge of Scotland Museum & Library
Freemasonry in the work of Sir Walter Scott
1550 Afternoon Tea
1620 Emeritus Professor Lauren G Leighton; University of Illinois, Chicago, USA
The Revival of Freemasonry in Russia: The Poet Pushkin at Issue
1700 Speakers' Panel: Questions and Discussion
1730 Close

Sunday 2nd November
Featuring Claire Nelson - violin and piano recital

0930 Coffee
0950 Welcome and Introduction
Chairman: Professor Andrew Prescott, University of Sheffield
1000 Dr. Malcolm Davies; The Cecilia International Music School
- The Netherland: Masonic Songs, Marches & Cantatas in the Netherlands & elsewhere 1730-1812
1040 Dr. Marie Mulvey Roberts; Reader in Literary Studies, University of the West of England, Bristol
"His Prints We Read": The Masonic Narratives of William Hogarth
1120 Morning Coffee
1145 Emeritus Professor David Stevenson; St Andrews University, Scotland
Why Was James Boswell a Freemason? An old question revisited
1225 Speakers' Panel: Questions and Discussion
1300 Lunch break
1430 Andreas Onnerfors; University of Lund, Sweden
Masonic Songbooks & the Relationship between Music Texts & Ideology
1510 Claire Nelson; Head of Research & Teaching Development, Trinity College of Music, London:
The Musical Masons of Freemason's Hall - The Sixth Earl of Kellie & other British composers (Grand Master of England & Scotland mid-18th century)
1550 Speakers' Panel: Questions and discussion
1620 Afternoon Tea
1700 Close

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