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Supreme Grand Chapter 12 November 2003

Report of the Committee of General Purposes

Metropolitan Grand Ranks
Amendments were agreed to the Royal Arch Regulations relating to changing the method of calculating the number of appointments to London Grand Chapter Rank from 1 January 2005.
Committee of General Purposes
The Committee will meet on the following dates in 2004: 23 March, 28 September, 7 December.
Petitions for new Chapters
The following Petitions for new Chapters were granted: Plas Teg Chapter (attached to Plas Teg Lodge No. 6898), North Wales; Cloisters Chapter (attached to Cloisters Lodge No. 7100), Hertfordshire; St John's Chapter (attached to Ashburn St John's Lodge No. 9395), Hampshire & Isle of Wight; Meridian Chapter (attached to Meridian Lodge No. 9603), South Wales, Eastern Division; Per Diem Chapter (attached to Per Diem Lodge No. 9638), Northumberland; Meridian Chapter (attached to Meridian Lodge No. 9653), Devonshire; Morning Glory Chapter (attached to Morning Glory Lodge No. 9693), Norfolk.
Charters of Confirmation
Approval was given to petitions for Charters of Confirmation from the following Chapters, the original Charters having been damaged beyond repair: Friendly Chapter No. 239 (Jamaica & Cayman Islands); Union Chapter No. 247 (Guyana); Lagos Chapter No. 1171; Walton-on-Thames Chapter No. 6348 (Surrey).
Centenary Charter of Confirmation
A petition was approved for a Centenary Charter of Confirmation from Asher Barfield Chapter No. 35 (Hampshire & Isle of Wight), the original Charter having been lost.
Bi-Centenary Charter
A Memorial from Adam's Chapter No. 158 (East Kent) was approved for a Charter authorising the members to wear the Bi-Centenary Bar on the ribbon of the Centenary Jewel, retrospective from 10 February 2000.
The following Memorials were approved:
     That Prince Arthur Chapter No. 1570 be attached to Commercial Travellers' Lodge No. 2631, to be known as Prince Arthur Chapter No. 2631 (West Lancashire). That Chapter of Faith No. 4223 be attached to Lodge of Eccleshill, Faith & Fraternity No. 1034, to be known as Chapter of Faith No. 1034 (Yorkshire, West Riding).
     That Cheyne Chapter No. 4443 be attached to Lodge of Ascension No. 7358, to be known as Cheyne Chapter of Ascension NO. 7358 (London). That Constantia Chapter No. 6585 be attached to Paxton Lodge No. 1686, to be known as Constantia Chapter No. 1686 (London). That Caishowe Chapter No. 7356 be attached to Boundary Lodge No. 7695, to be known as Caishowe Boundary Chapter No. 7695 (Hertfordshire).
     The ME First Grand Principal has acceded to the requests of the several Chapters to keep their existing names, or a reference thereto.
Centenary Charters
Memorials were approved from the following Chapters for Charters authorising the members to wear a Centenary jewel:

Chapter / With effect from

New Forest No.319 (Hampshire & Isle of Wight) / 28 February 2004
Corinthian No. 1208 (East Kent) / 9 March 2004
Brownrigg No. 1424 (East Kent) / 29 May 2004
J.J. Robinson No. 1989 (Cumberland & Westmoreland) / 27 May 2004
St Anne's No. 2457 (West Lancashire) / 15 January 2004
Train-Bands No. 2524 (London) / 28 February 2004
Heaton No. 2723 (Northumberland) / 27 April 2004

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