ISSUE 9, April 2004

The Duke of Wellington: A Brother in arms
Quarterly Communication: Address of the Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes
Life with the Stars: Masons and famous people
Hall Stone Jewel: Cyril Spackman, designer
Travel: Jamaica
Grand Charity: Annual Report and Accounts
Masonic stamps: Masonry on stamps
Library & Museum of Freemasonry: Antients and Moderns go on-line
Masonic education: Events for Freemasons
Masonic charities: The continuing work
Bowel cancer: How the Grand Charity is helping
Royal Arch: Russia and Eastern Europe
Richard Eve: A former Grand Treasurer
Book reviews

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Those from countries where Freemasonry is, or was, forbidden.

Examples of these are the stamps of Germany under Hitler, and Spain under Franco. There is also the well-known set of four anti-Masonry stamps issued by Serbia.

Those that depict scenes or events that can be in some way associated with Freemasons, or Freemasonry in particular.
An example of this is the set issued by Great Britain to commemorate the works of Brothers Gilbert and Sullivan.

Those issued to commemorate a particular Masonic event.

An example is the set and miniature sheet issued in 1992 by Jamaica to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the first Provincial Grand Master EC of Jamaica. (The Province became a District in 1866, when all Provinces outside England were similarly renamed.)

The club hold a database of over 1,800 stamps issues that can be included in a Freemasonry collection under one of the sections mentioned.
       The club’s annual meeting, the only formal gathering of the year, is held in November which, for the last few years, has been in the Refreshment Room at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London.
       In November 2003 the venue was changed to the RMBI Home at Oadby, Leicester. Hopefully this will encourage members from the Midlands and the north of England to attend.
       Members living in other parts of the UK also encouraged to hold informal meetings in areas in which they live. Committee members make every effort to attend these meetings.
       Up-to-date information of new issues detailing the source of information, the subject matter and stamp details i.e. country of issue, SG number etc., appear every three months in the Club magazine.
       The web site is also updated periodically with details of new issues and of forthcoming club meetings, philatelic exhibitions and links to other web sites of interest.


Membership of the Masonic Philatelic Club is open to Freemasons in good standing of the English Constitution and all other Constitutions recognised by that body. The current annual subscription is £7 for members residing in the UK and £8.50 for those residing elsewhere, payable on 1st January each year. Application for membership should be made to the secretary, M. Beazley, 216 West Dyke Road, Redcar, Cleveland TS10 4JS. An application form may also be downloaded from the club’s web site at